The Sonoran Desert, one of the largest deserts in the world, spans across two countries, Mexico and the United States. It covers extensive regions in Arizona, California, Sonora, Baja California, and Sinaloa. Its unique geographical and climatological conditions have fostered the growth and urbanization of various cities in the area, promoting sustainable development and optimal resource utilization.


Hermosillo, the capital of the state of Sonora, Mexico, has experienced remarkable population growth in recent years. However, despite ongoing infrastructure development, these efforts have proven to be inadequate in meeting the immediate needs of the expanding population, leading to disorganized planning in its peripheral areas.


To address this issue, ARTC and RTDG developed the “Puerta Norte” project, a Master Plan aimed at providing Hermosillo with an urbanization blueprint plan for the northern part of the city, covering approximately 900 hectares. This Urban Master Plan integrates and merges commercial, residential, ecological reserve, and recreational areas in an orderly and functional manner. The characteristics of the desert environment allow the implementation of sustainable technologies that will contribute to the overall sense of belonging and aesthetic appeal of the region.


Currently, Architect Rodrigo Torres Candé, serves as President of the Sonora-Baja Chapter of LAI, an international society focused on land economics, which will benefit the urban planning of the Sonora Desert.

Source: N-Gen